Breaking Down Jewish Cremation Costs: How to plan ahead

Breaking Down Jewish Cremation Costs: How to plan ahead

So you want to plan ahead for your or a loved one’s Jewish cremation? It makes perfect sense to do so. However, while cremation for Jews remains a somewhat controversial subject, it can be challenging to easily access the details you need.

So let’s break down the structure and costs involved, in combination with adherence to traditional values as much as possible for the journey to the other side.

Jewish Cremation: from the physical act to the costs involved

  • What’s involved in a Jewish cremation?
  • Jewish cremation cost

What’s involved in a Jewish cremation?

Jewish cremations are increasing in number, with more and more people choosing this as an end-of-life service.

Whether or not your Rabbi will officiate at the service depends on which sector of Judaism and their views of cremation. Even if they advise against the practice, some will still preside over a preceding service.

In the vast majority of cases, many of the traditional stages of a Jewish funeral are followed, such as:

  • The washing of the body (Tahara).
  • Overseeing the body until the end-of-life ceremony, protecting it, and carrying out the traditional Jewish funeral traditions.
  • Keriah will be performed (the tearing of a black ribbon).
  • Prayers, readings, and the eulogy.
  • A recital of the Mourner’s Kaddish.

Plus, any other tailored customs or elements according to the family’s wishes.

Jewish cremation cost

The cost of a Jewish cremation ceremony will be dependent on the services required. Family members will most likely approach a Jewish funeral director to undertake the process. The following are some of the individual aspects—some of which you’ll want them to perform and others that you might decide to do yourself.

Cremation services that you’ll want the funeral service to arrange or assist with:

  • Transporting the body
  • Embalming (if required)
  • Securing all the necessary authorizations
  • Documentation surrounding the death certificate
  • Notary services
  • Helping find a burial ground that will inter the ashes
  • Officiating at the funeral service

Additional services that you might want to include:

  • Cleaning and dressing of the body
  • Memorial planning
  • Creating the order of service (funeral program) and memorial cards
  • Grief assistance

The overall cost will be dependent on the level of services you choose. As a rough guide, a basic level direct cremation (one that doesn’t include embalming) will come in at around $1,850 to $2,250. For this level of cost you can expect to receive the following:

  • Local transportation (such as from the place of death to the funeral home and then onto the crematorium at the time of the service)
  • All the funeral director and associated staff services
  • Overall documentation and authorization procurement
  • A basic urn for the ashes
  • Collecting and returning the cremated remains to the funeral home prior to interment

Every funeral and cremation is bespoke, meaning the deceased and the family’s wishes can be followed. Extra services, such as the use of a preparation room for Tahar ritual washing, visitation facilities, and preparation of autopsied remains will all command extra prices.

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