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How to Plan a Jewish Funeral with Cremation

While cremation remains an evocative subject within the Jewish faith, more and more people are choosing this way to celebrate the end of their life.

Jewish Funeral Customs: Saying goodbye to a loved one

The Jewish faith has many traditions surrounding death—something that can be a bit of a maze to navigate in what is naturally an emotional situation.

What were the Ancient Jewish Burial Customs?

Today’s funeral services range from truly traditional to modern cremation services. Even with the latter, it’s important that ancient rituals are followed.

What Should You Wear to a Jewish Funeral?

Choosing the correct attire for a Jewish funeral is all about respect. While many people wear black, it’s also OK to wear dark colors.

Why do Jewish Funerals Happen so Quickly?

But why do Jewish funerals happen so quickly? The simple answer is the beliefs surrounding what happens to a person once they pass. So let’s explore this a little more deeply. 

Jewish Cremation: A historical and cultural perspective on a controversial practice

Jewish cremation is becoming an increasingly common practice, especially in the Reform denomination. While this so-called, progressive, sect of Judaism has been the first to break the mold, others are slowly following.

Respecting Tradition While Embracing Change: Jewish cremation in the 21st century

Jewish cremation is still a controversial practice. Despite the increase in popularity, the majority of the Jewish community (with the exception of Reform Judaism) still considers burial to be the only acceptable end-of-life service.

The Pros and Cons of Jewish Cremation: debunking myths and misconceptions

Despite cremation becoming more common among the Jewish community, it’s still frowned upon by a large majority. The values of tradition and often vehement opposition to the practice have led to a whole lot of misconceptions.

The Changing Face of Jewish Funerals: why cremation is gaining popularity

For many Jews, it can come as a bit of a surprise when they find that a friend or relative has opted for cremation over burial. Controversy aside (because it is a contentious subject), there are many reasons this is happening.

Breaking Down Jewish Cremation Costs: How to plan ahead

So you want to plan ahead for your or a loved one’s Jewish cremation? It makes perfect sense to do so. However, while cremation for Jews remains a somewhat controversial subject, it can be challenging to easily access the details you need.

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